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It is a fantastic tale of two humans/wolves who find themselves in a common thread of leadership, growth, and romance. She, Sophie, is born into a family of Alphas, but only the wolf species are Alphas. This non-traditional role lent many hardships for Sophie to prove to be the ruling Alpha of her land, forests, people, and pack. The future of the pack's traditions all depends on her and her leadership. Luka, the Omega, was ostracized by all the other pack members. Beaten, starved, and left to die; still, Luka carried on. But Sophie found him, cared for him, and claimed him as her soul mate. So what did he have that no one else could see? I highly recommend adding this book to your collection! It is a fantastic read that continuously surprises us and leaves us, the readers, wanting more! His Alpha, Her Omega, is written for ages 16 and up but engaging for early teens. ou can do it in this section. Add pictures and a short description to show visitors more of whatever it is you want.

Book review by Alexis Skriloff James

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 A book Review by Alexis Skriloff James

Diane Calabrese is a talentd writer who has spent a purposeful life caring for and healing others. This book is more than just a book- it encompasses the years and talent that Diane has brought to many people- similar to some of us- who have suffered injury and pain. The pain could be physical or mental, or emotional. The pain could also be spiritual. All of these aspects work together in a synergist manner. This book details the many different types of healing for our souls – physical, mental, and emotional, from basic physical therapy types of movements to Tai Chi, pilates, and Yoga. Diane also embraces and shares the ancient beliefs and rituals of our Chakras, incorporating the uses of rocks and crystals, including the histories and meanings of these ancient practices. You can feel the love and compassion that Diane has for our peace of mind and total healing of ourselves and our souls through the presentation in this book. After reading this helpful book, I felt at ease and happy about life. There is hope through healing. I highly recommend the reading of this book. Happy healing. pictures and a short description to show visitors more of whatever it is you want.

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